This Diwali Diyo Wali

Happy Diwali to the all the students, from the On the occasion of Diwali. you may search for a Short essay on Diwali, a paragraph on Diwali festival, few lovely words about Diwali & simple paragraph on Diwali and important of Diwali festival of light. On Diwali biggest festival of Indian clean house, workplace and every corner of India and make look beautiful like heaven. Diwali is the biggest festival in India & it is also known by the festival of love and light.  Dipawali is one of the festivals which time to time updates in celebration way. This festival is celebrated by The Hindu. It is celebrated because Lord Ram came back from the Exile after 14 years. 

On Diwali people Love to do 

This auspicious Day all the Hindu community people Worship the Lord Ganesha and Lord Laxmi during Diwali. This is celebrated in Hindi month of Kartik & it is celebrated not only in India even rest of the countries also. A few days before Dipawali all the Indian clean & painted as well decorate their house as well their workplace. 

On the day of Diwali 

On the day of Diwali people wear New Clothes and meet with their friends relative and wish each other “aapko Diwali ki Hardik Subhkamana” in an earlier time but today generation says “Happy Diwali“. Meeting and wishing of Happy Diwali become more sweeter after exchanging love to each other as well sweet & gifts.  and greeting also on this festival day shops buildings look like a new

Few things we must remember on the Diwali  

Diwali is the festival of spreading happiness among the people. This Diwali tries to make happy those people of India who are serving & struggling for daily basis need and food. So on the occasion only buy the India product and make India more happy with spreading happiness in Indian as well making power stronger Indian economy.   

Diwali evening time 

People believe on this day Goddess Lakshmi entered only those house which is neat and clean and in a family, there is an amiable atmosphere. Hence all the family member get together and do worship of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Luxmi.  As per our Hindu mythology this day Maa Luxmi offer prosperity to their devotee. 


Special among Children and young 

this day is basically a very special day for children because on this special day they wear new clothes they eat many types of sweets different types of chocolate and many more things. One of the most important parts of this festival is fired crackers on Diwali and making noise. But sadly in this year in Delhi ban in Cracks. Don’t worry it’s time to come back to native town to celebrate the Festival “Joke apart”.

” This Diwali Diyo Wali ” 

Diwali means festival of light and light will be more brighter and happier if we burn Diyas. It will burn all the Rainya and other insects and make our place more healthy. If our place is health and we surely be healthy and it will make all things good and only good.  

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